KIDS fit


Studies show that exercise has a positive effect on the physical, mental and social development of a child. These positive effects are all the greater the more versatile the movement is designed.The motor development potential of a child can only be exhausted if early on a variety of movement experiences are collected. Kids Fit therefore attaches great importance to all basic forms of movement, such as running / jumping, climbing / supporting, rolling / turning, balancing, pulling, pressing, lifting, exercises for body awareness, and much more to convey.


Kids Fit also teaches children and adolescents basic life skills such as taking responsibility, accepting feedback, working with others, following rules and decency.


Lessons are organized in three main parts: Learning Skills / Movements - Training - Game. The structure of a lesson is adapted to the age of the children and adolescents. The older the child, the longer the "learning skills / movement" and "training" parts become. For the youngest, the focus is mainly on the game. The lessons are a bit shorter than regular adult classes. Lessons are shorter to meet attention span of children. All exercises are adaptable to age and experience.


An example lesson for children between 5-12 years would be:


Learn skills / movements: Superman / Hollow Rock position 


Training: 4 'AMRAP


(as many repetitions as possible)


1 Pull-up

2 Push ups

3 perfect squats

4 Burpees

5 Sit ups


Game: (Duck-Duck-Goose)





CHF 20 per lesson. 


A punch card of 6 classes is CHF 105 per child.


We grant you discounts for siblings and for children whose parents train at NYCFIT (at least one parent).


10% sibling discount


25% discount if parent is a member



Our classes are each offered as a block course between the school holidays.
* Children aged 5-12 years
* Every Wednesday afternoon from 14.15-15.00 (except school holidays).
* Children aged 13-18 years
* Every Wednesday afternoon from 15.00-15.45 (except school holidays).